April 26, 2009

Worldbridges webcasting and plans for WiAOC09

Vance Stevens, the webhead who created the webheads' social network on Ning for WiAOC, toghether with webcasters Jose Rodriguez and Doug Symington, organized a meeting at http://webheadsinaction.org/chat. (Worldbridges chat room). Some people joined in Skype. A lot of people participated and there were some good ideas, too.

I liked Gwen's idea to include a Pecha Kucha event. That's a kind of event in which a number of people give power point presentations one after another. Their presentations are special because they can have only 20 slides and can last only 6 min 40 sec. That way presentations cannot be too long or monotonous, sometimes they can even be funny, because presenters need to be very well prepared in order to manage to say all they want in their 6 min 40 sec.

I managed to listen to most of the session. I had to leave from time to time and I couldn't participate in voice because my home was full of very loud 10-year olds - celebrating my son's birthday.

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