Images for Education

Images4Education, also a part of TESOL EVO 2010, is a group working mainly as a Ning and Flickr group. Language learning that starts from the use of images is fun and fun is what I've discovered again, in a new form, in this group.
Week 1
The group started the week with introductions in words plus the introductions in the form of a photo and a comment of "A View from My Window" by every participant. Much easier said than done because when one needs to publish one photo that describes not only the view from the window but also how you feel about teaching, being a teacher, it's not easy to choose. This is what I've submitted:

Blace, Croatia
This photo can tell you about what I believe learning and teaching should be like: fun, full of optimism, adventurous and peaceful at the same time - just like my children's kite on a summer afternoon in front of my parents' house on the Adriatic coast.
I also uploaded the photo to Flickr and learned about resizing and tagging. We also learned about CC licences.
Week 2
I explored Flickr Toys and discussed pedagogical uses of Flickr. The biggest fun of the week: BigHugeLabs.
Here are some examples:

M. Coghlan talked about teaching with flickr - very useful and interesting lecture.
The task of the week: My Origins Photo accompanied by a poem.
My Origins Photo

My first Xtranormal story