May 5, 2012

Love from the World

Love from the World is not a project with a primarily language learning aim but I didn't hesitate for a moment to take part in it as soon as I first heard about Sun Ho's beautiful idea to ask teachers from around the world to help students create the flags of their countries and send photos to her, and send the flags in the post to her Singapore address.
 I was very happy to see my students as excited about it as I was. Two of my students, Maja and Klaudia (13), painted the flag of Croatia on a piece of cotton cloth of given dimensions. I took a photo of them with the flag and sent the flag to Sun Ho.
I loved the idea behind the project: Sun Ho is going to sew all the pieces together into a patchwork. I can't wait to see it. It is also great to see the gallery of photos on the website of the project.

This project teaches children love and respect for other people and countries and gives them the opportunity to meet children from around the world and learn about their countries. If they use English language in the process, that's only one more reason to choose to be part of it :)