May 16, 2011

Talking Cultures

"Talking Cultures" is a very interesting project by British Council in which four pairs of classes from different countries collaborate on four identical wikis. Students describe different aspects of their cultures and learn about their partners and their country and culture.

A group of my students has been collaborating with a partner class from Armenia. We started our work in January and have so far covered, or started writing about, most of the topics.

Time has come to help my students with the last task for this school year - describing village life. School ends in June.

I hope we'll finish all the tasks. Then, I'll add the feedback survey answers to my thoughts and impressions during the six months of work with students.

Even before I do it and reflect on how and what to improve, I can tell that the work on a wiki with students, even if they are as young as my 14-year- old boys and girls, is great fun and a lot of learning at the same time.