May 24, 2009

Joining Facebook

The Pope is on Facebook, HUPE, Croatian Association of Teachers of English, is on Facebook. I should be,too. I've joined and can't wait to see the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook when compared to what I get from Ning, Twiter, Second Life.

Professional development: online conferences vs. f2f conferences

May 9, 2009

SLanguages 2009

Carol's session about building audio posters

Gavin's closing session

Nergiz, Graham and Nick had a presentation about VWLL2009

May 4, 2009

Visiting Zagreb in SL

I have been thinking a lot about starting to teach in SL.
Last week I talked to Gerhilde from talkademy about a possibility of starting a course of Croatian language in SL. Although I have never tried teaching Croatian, I must admit that it sounds tempting. While talking about it, Gerhilde and I visited Zagreb in SL, walked through the center and talked about how it could be used to add attractive content to the course.
Today I've visited Zagreb in SL again. What a funny feeling it is to think of how to create lessons in the streets that I walk every day on the way to my RL school.

May 1, 2009

More on holodecks

Dennis shared some new big scenes in the box with the members of Osnagroup. All scenes were built by Carol, who came to the meeting too and explained again about changing the script.
I was impressed from the very beginning and the first scene, because these scenes were so much bigger and more complex than the rug and cushions from the last session.

Teaching in SL has big potential in this. If I could only drag a box in RL, build a scene and walk into it with my students, and simply take it back in a second after the lesson.