November 20, 2011

Our One Day on Earth on PhotoPeach

To participate with my young students in One Day on Earth project, I asked my students to take photos of some school activities on November 11 and write short comments of their photos.
My 11 year old students, Nela, Lovro, Anka and Lana brought their cameras and took some photos. I took some photos, too.
Today I have chosen the best photos and the comments and created a photopeach slideshow. I'm going to show it to the students tomorrow and give them the opportunity to make some changes if they want.
Then we can share it on One Day on Earth and IEARN official pages.

21st November

I've finally managed to find time and upload the photos to One Day on Earth page. I could not upload the photopeach slideshow, so I uploaded all the photos, wrote comments and created an album.
I like the idea of documenting an ordinary day.
This is the slideshow:

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