May 21, 2015

Food Revolution Day 2015

When I read about Jamie Oliver's campain to put compulsory practical food education on the school curriculum (Read more at, I did not hesitate a second to sign his campaign and hurried to see what ideas and materials he offers on the project page, for schools to get involved.
My 12 year old students were not sure they would like Jamie's "Squash it sandwich" better than their usual sandwiches they eat at school, but they agreed to learn more about the ingredients and give it a try.
So, we learned all the vocabulary to understand the ingredients, the equipment we need and the procedures to prepare Jamie's healthy sandwich. For homework, students had to learn to spell the words and bring some of the fresh ingredients we needed.

We put two desks together, covered them with a nice clean tablecloth, arranged all the equipment, watched the video with Jamie preparing the sandwich and then tried to do the same. 

Some of the students were not convinced when we started that they would eat the sandwich. We even had an alternative: a group of girls prepared a fresh fruit salad for the dessert.

 The sandwich was a success and the comments varied from "Delicious! " and "Yummy!" to "Better than expected!" and "Not bad!" from a few students. The good thing is they all ate the sandwiches.

We learned a lot of about healthy and unhealthy food, in a fun way.

May 2, 2015

HUPE Conference 2015

23rd Annual HUPE Conference was a perfect event for all teachers lucky to be in Solaris Beach Resort, Šibenik, Croatia,for the weekend 24-26 April 2015.
The venue was beautiful, everything was perfectly organized. There were more than 60 talks and workshops given by local and international speakers, six plenary speakers. More than 400 teachers participated in this ELT event. In the breaks teachers could visit the exhibitors and meet old and new friends.
HUPE Conference was a great weekend of professional development and fun.

This is the presentation that accompanied my talk at the the conference.


Here are some photos of the place and the people I had the privilege of meeting during the conference this year.