April 26, 2009


Ronaldo, a webhead from Brasil, had a very interesting idea for his students' blog. He asked his students what makes Brasil a unique country. They had to answer with one word or phrase and two - three photos. He used the text and the photos to make an animoto video. It looks really great.
Other webheads loved it, too, and a few would like to do the same activity with their student about their countries.
I'd loved to make a similar short animoto about Croatia. I immediately searched in my pictures and found a few very nice photos of Croatia,I uploaded them in Flickr, and signed in animoto.

My photos will be my contribution. I'll ask my students to send me some more and their answers. We'll have to choose some Croatian music, too.
I'm looking forward to seeing Croatia and other webheads' countries in a collaborative space. That will be special.

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