April 21, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Tomorrow is Earth Day. I've prepared two activities for my EFL students.
The first activity is participating in a project of a 24-hour online conversation (http://bit.ly/WPKGi ). I will join with a small group of students at about 12.30 and I hope, if everything goes well, to find Vance Stevens and some of his students in Elluminate. We can stay for half an hour and then both me and my students have other classes.

I have one class and then I can join Marina Lončar and the organizers from The Embassy of the USA in Zagreb at the American Corner for a DVC with an Earth Day topic for discussion: Green Architecture. I'll take a grop of students who regularly take my American Studies classes and a few more interested either in new technologies or in green projects. The speaker will be prof. dr Eric Palant from Allegheny College, Pennsylvania. I hope students will be active and ask questions because this seems like a very interesting topic.

We are really fortunate to have the library with American Corner where all sorts of interesting activities take place in the neighbourhood. After the conference I have two more classes at my school - with my students of Italian as a foreign language. We can learn some basic facts about Earth Day in Italian. I hope they'll remember we agreed to wear green T-shirts tomorrow.

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