April 12, 2015


The Annual International IATEFL Conference & Exhibition is in full swing but I am one of a large number of teachers who did not get the chance to travel to Manchester. I have been too busy since its start on Friday and I have not seen any of the sessions yet.
Luckily, there is IATEFL Online to save the day today and even it is early in the morning now and the conference programme for today starts only in a few hours, I am fully participating in the confrerence - IATEFL Online is the right place not only to watch the recordings and  catch up with the events I missed but to choose an interview with a person important in the world of ELT and watch it any time I want, read a post of one of the roving reporters, or to plan my participation in the conference for today.
IATEFL Online seems organized in the same way the online editions of the conference was last year and the year before when I was one of the roving reporters (happy memories of Liverpool!).
To get the full picture of all the events at the conference, the best thing is to join the conference on Facebook and Twitter, too. It can be done from the IATEFL Online page. Done!
Now, I can check what I have missed. A cup of coffee is in the hand. Hello, conference!

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