March 20, 2012

Glasgow Online Forums

Before a conference starts, interested teachers go through the Conference Programme checking day by day: plenary sessions, workshops, poster exhibitions, events… The most difficult but also the most interesting first activity is to choose the best, the most interesting ones.

Attending a conference online makes the process much easier: the choice is between Live Sessions and the recordings, and you don't think about what you can miss but about what you can follow from home. The website of the conference, if prepared and organised as well as Glasgow Online is an essential part of the conference, even for those attending some f2f sessions, because it helps them do what was until recently impossible – be everywhere at the same time!

Watch live streaming video from iateflonline at

The omnipresence of the conference - goers is a talent we wish from a conference website and Glasgow Online gives it abundantly: if I am at work, I follow the conference events during breaks or at home in the evening. I guess I am one of many already used to getting information on demand.

The real gem of Glasgow Online is The Forum. All SIGs are represented and the moderators in all Special Interest Areas help participants feel at home. Teachers introduce themselves, presenters give additional info about presentations, young and less experienced teachers learn from more experienced teachers and teacher trainers who share and teach about the importance of sharing in education. Old friends meet again and new friendships are born every moment, day and night – forums opened before the official start of the conference and will stay open after all f2f participants have already gone home.


  1. Dear Sanja, I am so addicted to twitter feed our dear PLN is sharing. I have a feeling like I am there. It must be an excellent conference and I think organizers did good job with online sessions and recording as well. Just as you said, we can always watch them later, while being there it's a hard job to pick what to attend. All sessions seem so interesting :)

  2. True, Marijana,there is so much going on and the site is very well organised.
    My plan for tomorrow is to see Technology &Teens symposium. I must check in the YLT Forum if Graham has already answered the question about whether it goes live or there will be a recording.
    Let's check what else and when I can follow :)
    Thanks for reading and commenting my post.
    See you around,

  3. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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