February 1, 2010

TESOL EVO 2010 - Internet 4 Young Learners (Part 1)

The work of the group is organized in a YG. Through the YG the participants have access to the group's wiki, where we can find the tasks for every week and other useful info, and the participants also write on the group's whiteboard and check messages in Grouply.
The focus is on exchanging opinions on the use of oline activities with young learners. Participants have so far defined the term YLs, expressed their opinions on ESL vs. EFL, compared the use of the internet and modern technologies in general in various countries and schools, compared some EFL websites and some favourite kids' websites...
There is an interesting list of Readings for every week.
An interesting discussion during Week 3: making the list of useful tips while selecting online activities for young learners.
I'm looking forward to Week 4: a meeting in TI and a discussion on email communication projects. I have already joined ePals (http://www.epals.com/) with a group of my students.

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