January 9, 2012

Taking part in the TeachingEnglish Blogathon 2012

I've just registered for my first blogathon, the blogging marathon that will take place on the TeachingEnglish site.

I got the information about it from British Council Croatia and read about how to take part on their site. I got interested for two reasons:

  1. the winner gets an all expenses paid trip to Glasgow to attend the IATEFL teachers' conference in March

  2. even if I don't win, it helps a lot with my New Year's resolution to blog more regularly.

My task is to write posts from 16 January until 12 February, about the topics like

  • dealing with disruptive students,

  • keeping teacher talking time down, so students speak more than we do,

  • networking with colleagues nationally or internationally,

  • some other topics related to teaching. Of course, my posts should be interesting to other teachers.

I've read carefully the tips for writing, which advise:

  • original content,

  • friendly and informal style,

  • posts which are quite short, not longer than 250 words,

  • tagging posts so other participants could find them, read and comment ,

  • attractive titles,

  • referencing any external sources,

  • bullets and paragraphs to make posts readable,

  • checking out blogs of other participants to comment on their posts.

I quite like the idea of writing for a period of time with a group colleagues as readers in mind, who will check out my blog from time to time (at least I hope so!).

I guess I'm ready for this blogging adventure.

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